Will you continue to renew my pet's insurance when he/she becomes old?

For our Covered For Life ® cat insurance products you must start the insurance before your cats 10th birthday. On the Covered For Life ® dog insurance products, cover must start from 6 weeks of age and before their 8th birthday and if your dog is a select breed the insurance must begin before their 5th birthday. For our rabbit insurance policy, which is also a Covered For Life ® product, insurance must begin before their 5th birthday. If you haven't had pet insurance previously and your pet has passed the upper age limit you'll be glad to hear that there is no upper age limit on our Petplan Essential policy (N.B. This product is only available for cats and dogs). While the age of your pet does affect the premium you pay we will strive to ensure premiums for older pets are not unfair or unrealistic.