What does a veterinary fees claim excess mean?

The excess is the amount you pay towards the cost of treating each illness or injury during the period of cover (i.e. the policy year or up to the maximum benefit), which is not related to any other illness or injury treated during the same period of cover. If your policy covers illness/injury for 12-months you will pay an excess per condition for the 12 month/maximum benefit period in which you are entitled to claim. If you have a Covered For LifeĀ® policy, as your monetary limit is refreshed each year you will pay an excess per condition per policy year. Some policies may also include a percentage excess, if this is the case this means you will pay an excess on each claim you make. The exact percentage that will be deducted from your claim will be shown on your Certificate of insurance. We will automatically deduct the excess amount whilst we are assessing your claim - so whoever is the payee on the claim will receive the claim settlement amount less the excess. Please make sure you check your excess on your policy documents carefully as your cover can change at renewal. If you need help completing your claim form or have any questions about how your excess will be applied you can call our customer service team on 0345 071 8000.

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