How are Petplan premiums calculated?

Petplan has been providing dog, cat and rabbit insurance for over 45 years, and we use this experience to help us price policies accurately for each individual pet. We design our policies to pay out, so we price policies to enable us to cover the cost of the veterinary care your pet may need. The size, breed, location and age of your pet are some of the factors we’ll take into consideration when calculating your premiums.

Petplan's pricing approach is different to most other pet insurance and one of the reasons why over 90% of customers renew each year. Our Claims Pricing Guarantee means that you will never pay more for claiming. Your price will increase every year as your pet gets older and the cost of treating pets increases, but with Petplan you won’t pay more for claiming. In fact if your pet needs treatment we want you to claim.

You can find out more about our Claims Pricing Guarantee here.